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Q. Is Axe Throwing safe?

A. Our venue is purpose built and designed with safety in mind. 

Q. Can we bring out own axes?

A. Bloody oath you can. As long as it is safe to throw (and not a block splitter). You'll need to have your axe in some kind of carry bag.

Q. How many axe throwing lanes do you have?

A. We currently have 9 lanes.

Q. Do we get our own private lanes or do we share with other groups in the session.

A. Lanes are privately allocated to each group. 

Q. What do I need to wear?

A. Covered Footwear. As long as you're not naked covered footwear is the only requirement.

Q. What Is the minimum booking size?

A. Our minimum booking size is 2 people.

Q. Do you sell food and drink/alcohol?

A. We sell water and soft drinks but no food at this stage. You are more than welcome to bring your own snacks. We do not sell or serve alcohol and it is strictly prohibited. Anyone under the influence will be refused service.

Q. Do you take Walk-Ins ?

A. We absolutely take walk-ins on Saturday/Sunday. For last minute bookings, give us a call to check availability. 


Q. Do I still get the full 90 mins of my session if I arrive late?

A. Unfortunately if you arrive late you will only get the time allocated to the time slot you booked. (e.g. If you book the 6:00pm session and arrive at 6:30pm your session will only run until 7:30pm.)


Q. Can my children participate?

A. Currently, children must be 13 years old to participate and must have a Parent/Guardian present at all times to supervise them. Persons under 18 years old must have a Parent/Guardian sign a Waiver on their behalf. We do have some foam and velcro axes for the under 13's that would like something to do while Mum and Dad throw the real thing.

Q. What axes do you use?

A. We have a variety of axes. These range from Cold Steel Competition Throwers to Estwing Double Bit axes and Throwing Tomahawks. Our range of axes is constantly changing and being added to so come and check it out for yourself.

Q. Do you take EFTPOS?

A. Yes we do. We also split bill.

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